Be Our Cutie Pie On National Pie Day

Enjoy A Slice Of Life On National Pie Day – January 23rd

Celebrate National Pie Day by choosing a sassy quest that fits your level of sass on the sassometer. We have super sassy and dangerous or super sweet or no eating required options for you to celebrate today. You’re just one slice away from injecting some fun into your day. Take a bite out of life and have fun.

PieDayKeystone Cop Style: This is super sassy but well worth the potential danger. Grab a pie tin and load it with whipped cream. Push it into someone’s face. Run for your life.




Stand_By_Me_by_berniflyStand By Me: Who can forget the pie eating contest from the movie Stand By Me? I think it took me more than 10 years to recover from the blueberry pie eating trauma that movie inflicted. Watch the movie tonight and relive the magic. Cheer for Lard Ass. By the way, I still have a crush on Corey. Just keepin’ it real.


Cutie Pie: Diverge from the cake ball flock and make some pie pops instead. These OBB-Pie-Pops-Close-upSUPER cute pie pops by Our Best Bites are easy to make and look delicious. This is a great recipe to keep on hand for school Valentine’s Day treats as well.

Sassy Pie. Yes. You. What is your favorite kind of pie?

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