Party Like a R.A.O.K Star on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Give the rock star treatment to Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17th

We know the secret ingredients to life are to be sassy, classy and kind. Today it is time to flex your kindness muscles by going out of your way to make others feel happy. WARNING: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS MAY LEAD TO OTHER RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. Choose any of these Sassy Quests to get the random acts of kindness party started! Party like a R.A.O.K Star!

giving_bunny3Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny: The Giving Bunny Project over at StitchPunk is an adorable way to show kindness and to create smiles everywhere you go. For those of you that are crafty you can click here for the FREE Bunny Pattern. Make your little bunnies, print out the adorable card (don’t forget to name your bunny) and leave them where they are sure to find a good home. Let your kindness multiply like bunnies!!!


51nutwhJzrL._SX500_Pay It Forward: Although it may not be appropriate for all age audiences, Pay It Forward is a great story about how random acts of kindness can geometrically expand to create a more utopian place to live. For those of you who are Amazon Prime members (definitely one of my favorite things) you can watch Pay It Forward for FREE!




The Karmic Kindness Army: Become a soldier in the Karma Army by starting with a Random Act of Kindness today. Start by printing these FREE Random Act Of Kindness Printable cards. Go about your day and find ways to help others. Is there someone that may need help out to their car with groceries? Does someone need some extra change on the street corner? Better yet, head over to Dishin’ With Rebelle for 52 Random Acts of Kindness. For all you math majors, there are weekly ideas on how to make sure you kill ‘em with kindness every week this year.

What is the most random way you’ve shown kindness? Tell us!

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